O’rand Lift Company was established since 1993 with primary motive to come out of limited space and complicated regulations of government companies in order to respond the improving modern building industry by some of experienced expert in the field of  manufacturing, modernization and maintenance of elevators, escalators, stairs and platform lifts and moving walks.  

       Since the establishment of O'rand Lift Co. it has been the first manufacturer and installer of variety of special lifts in Iran. This company from the beginning was the representative of South Korea's (Sigma) LG Co. in Iran. Our company also became one of the agencies of ThyssenKrupp Elevator Co.  and within recent  five years more than 500 elevators from ThyssenKrupp companies in Germany, Spain and South Korea have been sold and installed in Iran. In recent years the company also succeeded in obtaining the official agency of i-elevator Company in South Korea, LM in Germany, MASPERO in Italy and CIBES in Sweden.                                                                                              

        Right now we have about 150 specialists, and among them 30 people have been graduated in the same industrial field with  more than 30 years experience. For example, Mr. Ghasem  Seyed  Ghasemi , the managing director of O'rand Lift Co. with more than thirty years of industrial and technical management experience .


      Since“Customer- Orientation “is the main motto of O’rand Company. We have learned that our strength and permanence is based on providing customer’s satisfaction. O'rand Lift Company, have absorbed number of powerful administrative significant young engineers in different fields and have dispatched them to foreign countries for training, acquiring experience and knowledge in the various fields such as Foreigner trade, export  and Import,      selling, Install and commissioning, Service and maintenance latest technologies in electricity and electronics, designing and  construction of elevator control systems in order to consolidate itself one of the superior elevator  and escalator company in Iran and also in order to provide better service for our respected    customers                                                                                                                                        

To this end, we have been completed our production package in all relevant manufactures in this industry with keeping continues trade connections and regular visit  of international exhibitions, companies and factories which owns related technology for instant:

Variety of Lifts in general:

-        Geared with machine room above or below in a shaft.

-         Gearless with or without machine room.

-        Hydraulic, Panoramic, Dumbwaiters, Home lift, Freight, Goods lift, Hospital (bed lift),

Glass lift, Dust & weather proof, Explosion Proof Elevators

-        Indoor & outdoor  Escalators

-        Moving walkways  Escalators

-        Inclined Platform Lifts

-        Stair Lifts

-        Automatic Parking

-        Car Lifts

-        Elevator Tower

-        Rotary Type


      The above reference is a very brief work history of our company in elevator and escalator industry. We provide our customers with high Quality service. Close network, well-trained technicians, flexible installation and maintenance system is providing customers with qualified and fast service to your fullest satisfaction.